Affiliate Program

Earn 35% commissions and run your own business selling proven and quality products from Imitation Of Life. This is a great program, please read through the following !

Program Guidelines

Getting started

I wont ask any fee for this program. To get started with the Official Affiliate Program all you will need is to purchase the product and ask me to get the Affiliate Package corresponding to your product.

Register as Official Reseller

Once you setup an affiliate vendor contact me in IM I can add you on the list of Official Affiliate Reseller on blog.

Do your promotion

Any kind of promotion (Classified Ads, Events) you want to have is fine, but never suggest that you are the Main location. You should always use the word "Affiliate" somewhere in your listings.

Take care of customers

You are representing Lalwende Leakey. Customer support is my first priority for Imitation Of Life. In any situation you shoud be very kind and helpful with customers. If you need help for supporting customer or have no answer to any question please contact me directly.

Know the product

You should know the product, be able to answer to most question.

Delivery Failure

In case of delivery failure apoligize and ask the customer to contact me directly.

Package Contents

Package contents :
► Imitation Of Life Affiliate Program (This notecard)
► The Product Affiliate Vendor
► A sign "Imitation Of Life Affiliate Reseller"
► A full perm texture "Imitation Of Life Affiliate Reseller"
► A sign for showing blog help for your product
► A sign for your product with no script
► Imitation Of Life Products Catalog
► Imitation Of Life Landmark

If you need any other material please contact me.

Setup Vendor

All Vendors and sign objects are Modifiable and you can Resize if needed.
Rez the vendor and grant permission to vendor to take Linden dollars from your account (see the commission information below)
Click on vendor and select Options in the menu for changing settings such as IM sale notifications, Hovertext or Slideshow Inactivity modes.
Click on your Vendors and select UPDATE every once you will receive a notification to do.

Commission Information

You will earn 35% Commissions, but will not receive a commission or discount if you purchase items yourself to help prevent abuse.

Hippotech, the creator of the Catalogue Vendors being used will receive 1.5% first after a customer makes a purchase. Then after that 65% of remainder will be paid to Lalwende Leakey and you keep the remaining 35%.
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