Camera Panoramic - Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Microsoft ICE

Microsoft ICE will be your second choice, because is also free and is by far the most easy software to use all you will need is clicking on next button.
You can download it here Microsoft Image Composite Editor.

The drawback of this simplicity is that sometimes it doesn’t stich perfectly, and when it fails you have no way to add control points to fix what the automatic stitch didn’t find.
On another side Microsoft ICE is the only software that gives you a autocomplete feature, even if you have holes into you set it will be able on some level to fill the gap between images.

Click on New Panorama from Images

On import Screen Select Next

Wait for the images to be stitched

On Stitch screen select Next

On Crop screen
Check use auto completion
Select Next

On export screen set :
Width: 3000
File format: JPEG Image
Quality: 95
Click on button Export to disk...

Your panorama has been rendered. You can drag the picture into GoPro VR Player to visualize it.

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