Camera Panoramic - Hugin


Hugin will be your first choice because it is free.
You can download it here: Hugin.
From my experience it will work on most cases without having to alter stitching points.

Click on 1. Load Images

Select the pictures you shot with Cam Pano
Camera and Lens Data windows is popping up

Lens Type: Normal (rectilinear)
Don’t type anything into HFOV
Type in focal length the value given by Cam Pano

Click on 2. Align…
Wait for the calculus to be done

Select Move / Drag tab
Use your mouse and drag the picture once you restore the horizon back.

Go back to Assistant Tab
Click on 3. Create Panorama..
Width: 6000
Height: 3000
LDR Format: JPEG
Quality: 95

Click Ok
And wait for the rendering to end

Your panorama has been rendered. You can drag the picture into GoPro VR Player to visualize it.
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