Current Release 0.04
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Key Features

  1. 7 Mirror options: Global X/Y/Z, Local X/Y/Z, Mirror Prim
  2. Works for all normal, mega, nano, tortured, flexible & sculpted prims
  3. Mirror all shape attributes (Path Cut, Hollow, Twist, Taper, Slice, Top Shear, Revolution)
  4. Mirror all face attributes (Texture, Mapping mode, Color, Tranparency, Bump, Glow, Shiny, Fullbright) even for complicated prims with hollows, profile cuts
  5. Maintains linkset order.
  6. Easy to use: Rez the object, drag script into it, and follow instructions.
  7. Option to remove scripts after mirroring


The script is not a cloner, so better to make a mirrored object on a copy
  1. Rez the object, click right, select Edit, hold shift, and drag arrows on object.
  2. Click [Ctrl]+Z to restore position to same as original object.
  1. Drop script 'Mirror 0.04' into the object
  2. A menu will showing up, select on of seven mirror options: 3 world (X/Y/Z), 3 local (X/Y/Z), or use mirror prim as reference.
  3. Mirror will first check you don't have any texture into childs inventory. This is necessary due to some limitation with script. If any is found you can use the 'Mirror Fix' scripts shipped with the pack
  4. A second menu will showing up to select the flip face option There are three options: All: all faces attributes will be flipped. this is the more accurate option but need full perms on object to be used. Attr: attributes Color, Alpha, Glow, Shiny, Fullbright will be flipped but not texture None: faces wont be flip, only shape of object will be mirrored.
  5. The object geometry transforms, please wait until done
  6. A third menu will showing up allowing you to delete the script.

Details Features & Limitations

Mega Prims

All mega prims are supported and not only one bellow 64m
Not limited to mega that have same X and Y size like others tools.

Nano Prims

Tortured prims using slice (Nano) are supported
IOL Mirror is the first mirror tool to support slice.

Tortured Prims

Tortured Prims Parameters not found in the standard client wont be handle correctly For instance taper profile on circle.


Some rare Flexible prims cannot be fully mirrored when some parameters are used (box with some path cut). This is not a script but rather a Second Life limitation
The Flexi Force is mirrored and become symmetrical.
There is no rotation trouble like you may found with others tools.

Top shear

Top shear is supported for Torus, Ring & Tube are supported


Textures (including sculpty map) can not be mirrored by script on non full-perm objects.
This is a Second Life limitation, you cannot read textures uuid of any object that you do not have full perms to.
If you still wish to mirror an object with non full-perms IOL Mirror won't modifiy textures parameters thus textures are not lost and you can still do it manually once other parameters are mirrored.
Textures, in default texture mapping mode on faces that are not rectangular (prims with taper), may need some adjustments. Use Planar mapping mode as an alternative


Revolutions cannot be fully mirrored for non integer revolution
This is not a script limit but a Second Life limit.

Linkset order

Objects stay Linked. No links are broken at any time, thus linset order is maintained.
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