Duplicate Remover

Current Version 0.03

With "Duplicate Remover" you can find out any duplicated items of your inventory and remove them. Works with objects, textures, animations, sounds, gestures, landmarks, bodyparts, clothing, notecards & scripts.

Precise vs. Fast

There are two algorithms to remove duplicates:
  • one is precise but need many tests,
  • one is fast, need much less tests but is unprecise and can miss some duplicates

In both cases it only deletes items with same uuid whatever their names are.

If you get a folder with N textures
The precise algorithm needs N*(N-1)/2 test
For a 100 textures folder it means 5050 tests, for 1K folder 500500 tests, for a 5K 12502500 tests.
It detects all duplicates, if two textures have same key but have a very different name then precise algorithm will detect them.

The fastest way is to assume duplicates have same name like "wood thing", "wood thing 1" and "wood thing 2"
The fast algorithm needs only N-1 test, but it will miss textures with same uuid and named very differently like "wood chestnut" and "chestnut wood"
For a 100 textures folder needs 99 tests, for 1K folder 9999 tests, for a 5K needs 4999 tests

For instance If you can test 100 uuid pair in a sec you will need 34 hours for a 5K with precise algorithm but only 50 sec with fast one.

Safe vs. Unsafe

With Safe mode on you will receive a copy of items before they are removed from inventory.

Step to remove duplicates

  • Either drag items from your inventory into the "Duplicate Remover" sphere or drag the "=Duplicate Remover" script into a box filled of items.
  • Click on the box,
  • Enable/Disable the "Safe" mode,
  • Run Fast or Precise process,
  • Wait until all the duplicates are removed.
  • Once done you can get items back to your inventory using Unpack
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