Script Loader

Current Release 0.01

Steps to load a script into a prim sets

  1. Rez the object
  2. Drag the script "=Script Loader" into the root prim objet
  3. Drag the script(s) you would liked to load into the entire set
  4. Click on the objet and select "Load" into the menu
  5. Wait for the script to propage into the entire set
  6. Once you get the message "Script loaded into child prims" Take object back into inventory and rez it again.
  7. Rez the object a second time
  8. Edit Object and select "Set Running into selection" into Second Life Tools menu
  9. Keep the script window open and wait until done.


You will find three samples into the pack:
  • Remove Scripts
  • Remove Textures
  • Dump Pos/Scale

You may find Script Loader

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