Smart Prims

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Key Features:

Smart Prims is a set of scripts for designers who wish to let their customers easily customize their builds. It includes :

  • Scale Resizer,
  • Position/Rotation Changer
  • Color / Alpha (Transparency) / Shiny / Glow / Full bright changer
  • Texture changer (create textures set that will be applied to set of prims)
  • Restore function for All properties.

  • All function are available through a complete customizable driven menu
  • Full perm script that can be resale with yout outfits

  • Pose (Edit Appearance from the menu)

  • Templates: Record all prims set properties into extra template that can be load at any time but end user,

  • Define your own set of prims that will be modified together simply by editing prims description,
  • Toggle On/Off function for end user
  • Remove script for Designer/End User freeze object to the current state
  • Help manual in 51 languages
  • Free Automatic upgrades for Life

Setting up the radiON System

Please do following steps :

  1. Rez the object you want to add Smart Prim features
  2. Put all 4 scripts and ".ini" notecard in the content of the prim
  3. You will be warned to change "Smart Prim Link" Permission, do it
  4. Once done "Smart Prim Link" script will be loaded into all child prims
  5. Take the object back in your inventory.
  6. Rez the object again.
  7. Go Edit mode of the object and choose [Tools] > [Set Scripts to Running in Selection] in the menu at the top of your screen.
  8. You will be warned to change "Smart Prim Controller/UI1/UI2" Permission, do it
  9. Take the object again back in your inventory. Your Smart Prims script are ready to be setup

[4]~[8] step is really important. Without step 5 and 6, 7 will fail. Especially step 7 is very important.

How will works

Smart Prims allow end user the modify following properties: Scale, Position, Rotation, Color, Alpha, Shiny, Glow, Texture with predefined values you will setup.

A scope is a set of prims that will be modified together.

Setting the Smart Prims>

Options that can be added are : Scale



COMMANDS [ButtonLabel:ButtonValue/..]
Commands are automatically sorted to be displayed from top left to bottom right dialog menu.
For properties than allow multiple value set you can add as many button definition you want, in case your definition set have more than 11 buttons they will be displayed into a multi page dialog menu.

Each button is defined

// Scale Menu
MENU Scale
MESSAGE Increase or decrease the object size by 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% or restore to the original size.
COMMANDS -1%:-0.01/+1 %:0.01/-5 %:-0.05/+5 %:0.05/-10 %:-0.10/+10 %:0.10/-20 %:-0.20/+20 %:0.20
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