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Command Channel

The SkirtMaker can be controlled using spoken commands. These spoken commands are listed below and are given on a specific command channel (which can be set/changed via spoken command). The default channel is 1.

Command example:
/1 rez

For setting up a customized channel use command channel in your ".ini" notecard see above.

Tips:When typing commands you can use // for reuse the last channel you use. This can be shorter than prefixing every commands with /1. But you need to be very careful not using any other channel while doing this (particulary speaking into public channel).

Commands Reference

Here is a short list of command you can use
a parameter noted indicates an obligatory parameter
a parameter noted [parameter] indicates a facultative parameter, note that when specifying a facultative parameter all preceeding facultative parameters should also be set.

► reset
Reset all script in SkirtMaker.

► channel
Set current channel to one specified.

Prim Commands

► prim
Set the prim name that will be used for rezzing.
That prim need to be in the inventory of SkirtMaker.
No script is needed inside the prim.
The creator of this object becomes the creator of final flexy skirt.
Until not specified default prim name is prim.

► nb
Set the number of prims to rez.
There is not limit
Until not specified default number of prims is 10.

► rez
Rez all the prims.
Rezzed prims are automatically linked together (causes a 1 second per panel delay because LSL's llCreateLink command forces a delay).

► unlink
Uses when finished with the current loop
Causes the SkirtMaker to unlink from the prims.
Be awere no more commands can be used from this point to modify current skirt.

► dump
At any time use it to dump current parameters to private channel.
Use it for copying into a notecard that you will use as template.

Prims position and rotation commands

Each command listed bellow could be use inside a loop. i.e. all or part of prim could be affected by each command. Use them before using the command unlink.

Absolute versus Relative parameters
Some SkirtMaker commands used for setting decimal parameters can be either used with specifying absolute value (/1 rad 50 for setting the radius to 50 centimers) or by specifying relative value (/1 rad +10 for adding 10 centimers to current radius). When absolute value can be used a * will be added left to parameter name.

► loop
Loop step and shift allow to apply loop command to all or part of prim.
Loop 1 0 will apply loop to all prim
Loop 2 0 will apply loop to every 2 prims i.e prim 0,2,4,6 etc..
Loop 2 1 will apply loop to every 2 prims beginning from 1 i.e. 1,3,5,7 etc…
If not specified default loop parameters is loop-step=1, loop-shift=0.

► pos
Set the prim position offset in centimeters used when rezzed.
Use standard vector notation without space <0.0,0.0,200.0>
If not specified default position offset is 2 meter on z-axis.
Commands posx, posy , posz commands can be used to define position offset on one axis only.

► rot
Set the prim rotation in degrees used when rezzed.
Use standard vector notation without space <0.0,180.0,0.0>
If not specified default rotation offset is 180+ on y-axis.
Commands rotx , roty , rotz commands can be used to define rotation on one axis only.

► rad [radius-random*]
Set the ellipse radius in centimeters (radius+/-random) of both x-axis and y-axis.

► radx [radius-x-random*]
Set the ellipse radius in centimeters (radius+/-random) of x-axis.

► rady [radius-x-random*]
Set the ellipse radius in centimeters (radius+/-random) of y-axis.

► arcr
Set the angle range use for rezzing the prim. If use arcr 120 240, only prim in the range of 120° up to 240° will be rezzed.

► arco
Set the angle offset used for rezzing the prims. When using a 4 prims without arc offset, prims are rezzed around the ellipse at 0° 90° 180° 270°. When using arco 45 prims are rezzed at position 45°, 135° ,225° and 315°.

► flare [flare-angle-random*]
Set the flare in degrees (angle+/-random) to each prim.
90 degrees will set the prims horizontal.
0 degress will set the prims vertical.

► flareback [flareback-angle-random]
Add an extra flare in degrees to the backside of the skirt

Prims customization commands
The following commands have no effect until the prims have not been rezzed.

► color
Apply color to each sides of each prims defined by loop-step, loop-shift.

► alpha
Apply alpha to each sides of each prims defined by loop-step, loop-shift.

► tuuid
Set the texture uuid used by following tset and ttile commands.

► tset [repeat] [offset] [rotation]
Apply texture to each sides of each prims defined by loop-step, loop-shift and sides
Reapeat Offset and Rotation could be used. Use <1.0,1.0,0.0> <0.0,0.0,0.0> 0 if not wanted.

► ttile [number] [percentage]
Tile a texture across the skirt. Number set the number of time the texture is used along horizontal axis. Percentage defines how much of normal section is used for a single prim (1 for 100%).
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