Current version 0.17

SkirtMaker is a versatile automated flexi prim skirt maker for Second Life™. For a very affordable price (not even the last outfit you buy) you will have a professional tool to easily build your personal skirts.

Skirts rezzed with SkirtMaker won't be limited in any way : you'll be the creator of object, and can create mod/copy/trans skirts. No Personal/Professional releases, what you will get is a professional tool !

Here is a short list of SkirtMaker features:
  • Put any prim on SkirtMaker build a skirt with it (no need to put any script in it).
  • You can control how many prims the dress will get and use many commands to customize it : position offset, rotation offset, radius on x and y axis, arc range and offset, flare, flareback, bend.
  • Radius, flare, flareback & bend can be altered with a random factor for creating unregular skirts.
  • Prim size, color, alpha, texture can bet setup using specific commands
  • Use loop command to alter all prims or only a part of it (for example one half for creating a striped skirt)
  • Tile a texture on entire skirt.
  • Drop your commands into a notecard and use them as template

You will found bellow very detailled tutorials, read them very carefully. Your only limits of this tool will be your imagination.

Tutorial Part 1 - A first simple skirt
Tutorial Part 2 - Advanced Tricks
Tutorial Part 3 - Tiling a texture
Commands List

SkirtMaker is used to make skirt by:
Mimi A*Go*Go!
Gin Stylz & Happy Design

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